Economic Model


ArmourTraders is a decentralized guarantee tool based on smart contracts. ArmourTraders is committed to building trust in online transactions, providing a full range of guarantee services, and realizing the safe circulation of value without borders around the world.Armour.

Traders architecture can be described as follows:

ArmourTraders protocol is based on a set of EVM-based smart contracts, and builds Armourtraders decentralized underlying services to achieve decentralization when users exchange assets and handle disputes.

Guarantee service is based on smart contracts as the bottom layer of data and logic rules, combined with highly available contract monitoring and order management services, to provide users with decentralized guarantee services

Dispute-handle service provides dispute resolution services based on two different models, centralized and decentralized. The decentralized dispute processing service realizes that a group of dispute processors are randomly selected through smart contracts to vote and adjudicate assets, and the entire guarantee process is realized, which is completely decentralized.

Advertise service provides advertisement publishing and display services, and realizes the function of matching secured transactions. In the future, services such as advertisement recommendation and advertisement ranking will be developed in combination with governance tokens.

Armour Token (AMR) is the governance Token of ArmourTraders, serving the entire ecosystem. Tokens are issued by participating in secured transactions, holding Tokens to participate in dispute resolution voting, and spending tokens to use more advertising services.

ArmourTraders Ecosystem


Armour'traders ecosystem participants include the following categories.

Secured transaction participants: both parties using ArmourTraders to participate in secured transactions, of which partyA is the party that pays the Token and needs to lock the Token into the smart contract, and partyB is the party that receives the Token.

Inviter: A user who invites users to use ArmourTraders to trade. Each time the invited user conducts a transaction, they can obtain a governance token corresponding to the transaction fee charged by the guaranteed exchange.

Dispute handling DAO member: a member of decentralized dispute handling, who can obtain Token incentives by participating in dispute handling.

Advertisers: Use ArmourTraders to publish their trading needs, which can consume Tokens to obtain more advertising services

Armourtraders operation team: provide centralized dispute resolution services, host decentralized voting processes and answer any questions from users about products

Armourtraders Development Team: Updating and Iterating Armourtraders Products

Economic mechanism

Guarantee fee

ArmourTraders will charge a guarantee fee for each transaction according to the following rules:

  • Transaction amount is less than 1000U: 1U handling fee will be charged for each transaction

  • Transaction amount is higher than 1000U: each transaction will be charged a handling fee of 0.1%

Transaction minting mechanism

ArmourTraders’ governance tokens(AMR) will be minted with users completing guaranteed transactions, and transaction participants and corresponding inviters will get the AMR proportionally based on the fees they pay and the points they get. Before the issuance of AMR, relevant personnel will receive U.Please refer to the following link for detailed rules:

pagePoints commission system


ArmourPartner is an important role for ArmourTraders. ArmourPartner can acquire exclusive rights during the project development process due to their important contribution to the project development. For details, please refer to the following link:




Total supply:100,000,000

  • 2% For airdrop to early partner

  • 2% For airdrop to community

  • 2% For IDO or IEO

  • 15% For institutional venture

  • 15% For team

  • 64% For trading rewards and rewards to Liquity provider

The use of AMR

  • Hold AMR to take part in our DAO to handle dispute or provide guarantee service to get revune

  • Use AMR to pay for services such as our ad placements or referrals.

  • Hold AMR to run a online shop on armourtraders

  • ...

AMR deflation mechanism

Automatic destruction of advertise revenue: We will promote the development of advertise business in the future, and will design a more matching deflation mechanism according to the development of advertise business, and the subsequent business income such as advertising recommendation will be automatically burned the token.

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