Product Docs


Armourtrades sincerely invites you to become our partner to help the project grow into the most commonly used trading tool for users in the web3 field while obtaining matching benefits.The need for ArmourPartner is to help Armourtraders find users who need our products. For example, they need to exchange tokens for fiat, need to use tokens to buy NFTs, etc. Armourpartner can get a higher commission while inviting users to become our users.There are two ways to become an ArmourPartner

Method one Apply to be the ArmourPartner

ArmourPartner need to guide users to use ArmourTraders to conduct secured transactions, and follow-up will be assessed according to partners at a certain time, mainly including the following two assessment directions:
  • How many invitees of ArmourPartner did the trade during the evaluation period
  • How much volume did ArmourPartner invitees trade during the evaluation period
Once you meet the assessment criteria, you can apply to Armourtraders to become an ArmourPartner and enjoy a high fee share

Method two Hold the ArmourPartner NFT

We are about to launch ArmourPartner nft, users need to spend BNB to mint NFT, holding NFT currently has the following two rights
  • Hold NFT to get 40% referral rebate and transaction discount
  • Each NFT will airdrop 1000 AMR
We will also continue to add more rights to NFT holders during the project development process