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Points commission system

In order to better promote ArmourTraders, ArmourTraders has designed and developed a point commission system, and subsequent governance Tokens will be minted according to this system after issuance.

Function of points

  1. 1.
    Reduce the guarantee fee generated by my use of ArmourTraders.As an ArmourTraders user, ArmourTraders platform points can help you get a certain reduction in transaction fees.
  2. 2.
    Invite new users to trade with ArmourTraders for more commission.Every ArmourTraders trading user you invite will bring you a cashback reward. The higher the points level, the more rewards.
  3. 3.
    Points Airdrop Tokens.The ArmourTraders platform will also introduce corresponding incentive policies in the future to reward loyal users in the form of airdrop tokens. For specific activity plans, please pay attention to the follow-up update plan.

How to get Points?

Check-in get points.

You can get bonus points by checking in every day. The specific reward scheme is as follows:
  • 1st day of check-in, 10 points will be awarded
  • 2nd day of check-in, 12 points will be awarded
  • 3rd day of check-in, 14 points will be awarded
  • 4th day of check-in, 16 points will be awarded
  • 5th day of check-in,18 points will be awarded
  • 6th day of check-in, 20 points will be awarded
  • 7th day of check-in, 22 points will be awarded

Complete the secured transaction or invite new users to complete the secured transaction.

After ArmourTraders users complete the transaction, participants and inviters who participate in the transaction will receive 500 points for every 1U they pay.For example,after paid 2U to Armourtraders,the transaction related participants earn points as follows:
  • PartyA (spending token party): get 1000 points
  • PartyB (income token party): get 1000 points
  • PartyC (PartyA’s inviter): get 1000 points
  • ParytD (PartyB’s inviter): get 1000 points

Event distribution

Please pay attention to the platform’s regular event announcements, and prepare generous gifts for active users.

Points Levels and Commission

ArmourTraders platform points are set to LV1~LV7 level, the higher the point level, the higher the commission .The specific return rules are as follows:
Point level
Points requirements
meet the requirements of becoming a partner
commission ratio
When the secured transaction is completed, we believe that the transaction costs are shared by both parties, and commission will be issued to transaction participants according to the reward ratio corresponding to the point level. For example, pay ArmourTraders 1U to get the following commission :
  • PartyA (spending token party) level is lv1: get 0.5*0.05 = 0.025U commission quota
  • PartyB (income token party) level is lv2: get 0.5*0.1 = 0.05U commission quota
  • PartyC (PartyA’s inviter) level is lv4: get 0.5*0.2 = 0.1U commission quota
  • PartyD (PartyB’s inviter) is a partner of ArmourTraders: get 0.5*0.4 = 0.2U commission quota
After the ArmourTraders governance token is issued, the governance token will be minted in equal value according to the above rules

Withdrawal of commission quota

After accumulates a certain quota of commission , user can apply to ArmourTraders to withdraw commission to their personal wallet. After the application is approved, users can withdraw the corresponding amount of commission from ArmourTraders’ CoinStorage contract.