What's ArmourTraders?

ArmourTraders is a secured transaction tool that solves the problem of trust in online transactions .

ArmourTraders enables people to exchange anything by using cryptocurrencies in a decentralized manner.

Why ArmourTraders?

Traditional centralized exchanges lack openness, transparency. After the financial crisis, over-the-counter trading has become a trend. The core problem of OTC transactions is that the credit risk management mechanism is insufficient, and there is no effective means to ensure the safety of transactions.

ArmourTraders enables traders to trade directly from their wallets. Unlike centralized exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase, ArmourTraders does not hold traders’ funds during the secured transaction process, only transfers assets to a decentralized secured contract during the transaction process, and traders have 100% ownership of their crypto assets .

The goals of ArmourTraders

Anyone can start trading immediately without registering an account, and complete value exchange in a decentralized form through armourtraders

Armourtraders will be the amazon in crypto world !!!

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