Route Map

2022 Q2

  • Project approval, start product design and development, and complete smart contract writing.

  • Build a community and introduce early users of the product by issuing freeMint nft

2022 Q3

  • Product testing: Complete the first version development and start testing

  • Construction of transaction promotion mechanism: Design and develop a rebate mechanism for transaction recommendation

  • Mainnet launch: Complete BSC, polygon and other mainnet deployment and launch

2022 Q4

  • Issuing governance Tokens: Converting transaction rebate U into transaction rebate Token, establishing shop2earn mechanism

  • Decentralized Dispute Resolution Development: Based on Governance Token, realize DAO-based dispute resolution function

2023 Q1

  • Develop an advertising business based on governance tokens: Improve the deflationary mechanism of governance tokens based on advertising business revenue

  • Develop a credit scoring system based on secured transaction data to provide address user credit information for secured transactions

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