NFT trade test guideline

Can you image use busd on bsc to buy a nft on eth?

Prepare for trading

1.add bsctestnet to metamask

Network Name: BSC Testnet


ChainID: 97

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

2.Get bsctest's test BNB from faucet link:

3.Get test BUSD from faucet deployed on bsctestnet:

connect metamask and withdraw BUSD from contract.

4.Get rinkeby's test eth from faucet link:

5.Mint test NFT through this link:

After Mint success,you can get the NFT ID

Also u can check the NFT through opensea: remember modify the 10 from the link to your id

6.Add the testNFT on armourtraders,

7.choose the chain input contract address and nft id

Now,the preparation is ready,you can also add the nft on eth,this tool provide the NFT transfer function on different chain.

Test trading NFT with ArmourTraders

You need two address for this test,partyA and partyB.partyA is the one want to buy a NFT through BUSD on bsc,partyB is the one want to sell NFT on rinkeby.

Step one,Input partyB’s address and the amount of coins to lock.then press the create button,sign to create by metamask​

step two,After contract created,check the detail about the contract.

Step three,partyB use NFT tools transfer nft to partyA

PartyA can add the nft info check the owner change

Step four,After partyA receive the NFT,partA should confirm the transation

Step five,After partyA confirmed,partyB can withdraw the assets from the contract

After all the steps, the OTC nft transaction is done, can you calculate how much gas you will save by buying nft on ethereum using busd on bsc

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